My name is Ronald Buur, Dutch to English translator and qualified according to the UK DipTrans Level 7 requirements, the Gold standard for freelance translators. Feel free to browse, download my CV or request further information.

With over 20 years of experience in translating and a long list of references and satisfied customers, a translation from my hand will serve you well for many years to come. Remember that translating is a profession in its own right and should be left to qualified translators with ample experience.

I am particularly experienced in translating commercial, financial and legal texts, producing natural syntax and grammar for clear and uncluttered translations. My English translations stand out for their accuracy in using specific terminology, rendering concepts, and adopting an appropriate style.


My objective is to provide translations for recurrent end-users and agencies and building and maintaining a client portfolio, either through the agencies or with end-users directly. Through the years, I have accrued a substantial base of satisfied customers, including Dutch and English translating agencies.

You can only satisfy a client if you fully understand his needs and expectations. Apart from the obvious, the need for a translation, understanding the client’s target audience, corporate style and philosophy is vital when producing a translation that answers all of his needs. Over the years, I have become an expert in doing just that, creating high-calibre translations that do exactly what the client wants and needs it to do and more.

Feel free to contact me for further information on my approach and my commitment to you.


When partnering up with a translating agency or a direct end-user, I apply a number of basic principles.

Guaranteed delivery of the English translation at the agreed time, in accordance with any instructions of the client

Proofread and fully revised end-product, ready for immediate use or, in the event of an agency, delivery to the end-user

Immediate answer of the telephone (three rings) and rapid response to e-mail and fax messages (15 minutes)

Monthly (summary) invoice on the basis of a fixed price of GBP 75 per 1000 words, without unexpected surcharges

Feel free to request an offer or, alternatively, you can send your source text by e-mail.

  • General terms and conditions, contracts and agreements
  • Annual reports, audits and business correspondence
  • Health, safety, environment and working conditions
  • Staff manuals, user instructions and maintenance procedures
  • Insurance and banking
  • IT, websites and software programs
  • Financial, legal and commercial translations

check Qualified (DipTrans Level 7)

check Member of CIOL

check > 20 years of experience

check Proofread end-product

check Timely delivery

check Competitive price

check CAT discounts

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