Apart from the obvious, providing high-quality Dutch to English translations, my services include a lot more than translating alone and all share common ground with the linguistic field.


I provide translating agencies with support on a day-to-day basis with requests that range from the translation of single sentences or words, proofreading the work of (less experienced) colleagues to DTP such as the preparation of converted files for translation. This mainly involves the creation of a layout mirrored to the original and removing any undesired side-effects produced by conversions. I also frequently provide agencies with CAT analyses and word counts to relieve their busy offices.

Urgent translations

In the event of high volume translations and/or short turnaround times, I offer the client to team up with my partner, who is also an experienced and qualified translator (DipTrans Level 7). Added advantage is that we work from the same office and are therefore able to liaise with each other directly during the translation process, thereby coordinating style and terminology and maintaining consistency throughout. Clients are of course also free to contact her directly. You will be pleased by her gentle demeanour and her high level of expertise, particularly in the legal and financial fields:

Leonne Buur-Haaijman, sworn translator of the English language
(Court of The Hague)

T: +44 (0)758 127 6165


Since agencies provide for my main source of income, I operate as a natural extension of their offices, thereby pursuing the same objectives. One of the main objectives therein is of course a satisfied and returning customer. This approach has meant that I have become the preferred supplier of numerous agencies, some of which I have been working with for over 10 years.

I always say “Your credit extends as far as your most recent work”. What I mean to say by that is that no client will be forgivable for any below-standard work, just because your previous work was up to standard. You will always be assessed on your most recent work and that is also how you will be remembered!